Keychron Keyboard Article Review - September 2022

Keychron Keyboard Article Review - September 2022
"The Keychron Q5 brings outstanding build quality and extensive customization options at a lower price than ever before. Although the outlay for the Q5 seems high, you're getting a serious amount of mechanical keyboard in exchange, and it's one that will last you until the end-of-time such as the quality and depth of customization options."
“Furthermore, the Keychron Q5 delivers an excellent typing experience, and while this is subjective, the keycaps certainly contribute to the typing feel. If you spend hours everyday typing, the feel of the keys becomes important, and Keychron's custom OSA profile is worth considering."
“If you're just getting started with a custom mechanical keyboard and don't know where to start, the Keychron Q5 is a solid foundation that can be tweaked later. You can install aftermarket switches, though the included Gateron G Pros are brilliant, and it's easy to get inside the keyboard to make other changes to create the perfect keyboard for you.“
“It's expensive until you learn more about what's included, then the Keychron Q5 becomes quite the value proposition. So long as you don't mind parting with $200 for a keyboard and want a keypad, this is one you should shortlist.”
“The Keychron Q8 QMK is a fantastic 65% ergo-friendly mechanical keyboard.  You’ve got tons of options to make it your own. It’s available for purchase right now so no joining pre-orders on a limited drop and waiting a year or two to receive it.”
“The configuration I received is $195, a good price for what you get. If you need an ergonomic keyboard and prefer mechanical, go take a look at the Q8 QMK. It’s really, really good. Really. I mean it.”
“The V1 may not be the perfect mechanical keyboard, especially for more advanced users. But it appears to have enough thoughtful features to enable mechanical switch greenhorns to understand the mechanical keyboard experience and decide if it’s worth the fuss."
"Since the keycaps are doubleshot, you can be confident that the legends won’t wear off. Better keycaps help to elevate the mechanical keyboard experience, so it’s exciting to see these upgrades in a sub-$100 keyboard.”
"The mass of the Q5 is down to its full aluminium chassis, steel plate and two layers of gaskets, sound-dampening foam and thick PBT keycaps. You can feel that weight when you're typing on it too, with the Q5 producing a pleasantly weighty tone with every key press, and of course there's no sign of flexion either.”
“ Beyond the slightly odd (and high for Keychron!) pricing, there's little to complain about with the Q5. Yes, it's certainly not a good size or weight to be toted onto a train or into a café, but it feels good to use, looks great and key bindings and lighting can be programmed via an app or via QMK/VIA firmware updates."