Keyboard With A Left-Side Numpad Might Suit You Best.

Keyboard With A Left-Side Numpad Might Suit You Best.

Straying from the standard keyboards on the market, a keyboard with a left-side numpad is often referred to as a left-handed (southpaw) keyboard. However, get to know the advantages of using a keyboard like this, you will never consider it a niche keyboard again. They provide lots of convenience for both left-handed and right-handed users.

For those left-handed users, this layout design is more natural and adaptable to their daily typing habits.

As for right-handed users, they get more space for their mouse and can keep it closer to the keyboard body (that is, the alphabet area). With this layout, the right hand can switch between mouse movements and type faster. Furthermore, there are quite a few shortcut keys based on the numpad where the left hand can reach them as swiftly as possible.

Right-handed typists can use the numeric keypad and mouse at the same time. People who need to deal with spreadsheet data can use the numeric keypad with their left hand while moving the cursor with their right hand instead of only relying on the right hand to switch between the mouse and Numpad. Gamers can also improve their efficiency and creativity by utilizing this design.

In short, this special-designed keyboard may be worth a try!