Keychron K2 PBT Retro Mac Keycap, Charm with it

Keychron K2 PBT Retro Mac Keycap, Charm with it

PBT keycaps play an important role amongst mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. It's been very hard to find one designed for Mac users, that’s why we designed the K2 PBT Retro Mac Keycap Set that is now out and available to you.

Keychron Retro keycaps are inspired by the original AEK (Apple Extended Keyboard) keyboard.

From the material to the legends of this set of keycaps, it is designed to pay tribute to the ARK’s retro aesthetic.

They are engineered with dye sublimated legends set to last for decades, like the legendary Apple Extended Keyboard. What are dye sublimated legends? It is a highly labor intensive printing method to make the legends highly visible and durable. A special paper is first printed with the legends, then the legends on the paper is specially heat transferred onto the keycap. The cost is very high due to the high manual labor required. This printing method is exclusively used on PBT keycaps and the keys are extremely resilient to wear.

Also, PBT is a high-grade thermoplastic that gives the keycaps a sturdy, textured look and feel that won’t wear down the existing finish. 

Like the AEK keyboard, the Keychron K2 PBT Retro Mac Keycap Set adopted Italics to accentuate a sense of movement and flexibility.

“Here’s to the crazy ones… the ones who see things differently”


 “Oh yeah, there's one more thing”


"Hello, World!", "Hello" keycaps.

A walk down memory lane with Macintosh


It took a long time to design and produce this PBT Retro Mac Keycap Set for the Keychron K2 keyboard, but we thought it was a unique way to honor the retro aesthetics of the  AEK keyboard. Click the“Notify me when available” button and enter your email to get notified once it's available.