Keychron Keyboard Article Review - August 2022

Keychron Keyboard Article Review - August 2022
"The 1800 layout is rare but catching on in the compact keyboard world. It has all the functionality of a full-sized keyboard with numpad, but is 96% the size of a standard keyboard. "
"Fully assembled, with a knob, the Keychron Q5 will cost $205. It's definitely one of the more expensive keyboards out there, especially considering it's wireless. But once you get hands-on with the Q5, you'll have no doubt that it's worth the price."
"Typing on the Keychron Q8 takes time to learn, but it’s satisfying when you get it right, and so far I’d say I’ve got anecdotal evidence it may provide a more comfortable, natural, and less fatiguing typing experience than a normal keyboard."
"I felt more comfortable coming from a different mechanical keyboard, as I was already aware of how it feels typing on one. Choosing the Q8 may be the step you take after swapping to a standard layout mechanical keyboard first."

"The Keychron Q8 (or Keychron Alice) carries through all of that, but makes some pivotally important changes. The first is the ergonomic layout. The Q8 splits and angles the keyset, allowing you to place your hands at a more natural posture."
"The gasket mount implementation is very good and the keyboard feels great to type on. I would have liked to have seen plate foam, but lacking it allows the keyboard to have more character and a poppier sound. The Q8 has been the most exciting release in the Q line-up yet and leaves me even more excited to see where Keychron goes from here."
"However, in a stationary setting, the aluminum lends ample stability. I put the Q8 through hours of abuse nightly, and I can say with confidence it has yet to move from its spot unless I’ve intentionally pushed it aside or lifted it."
"Further enhancing the user experience of the Q8 is the double-gasket mount design, which gives each key its satisfying sound by separating the inner plate and the case. Keychron also outfitted this model with a tape mod that improves noise reduction."
"I really liked the overall spacing of the keys, and the switches felt clicky and tactile. As someone who types for a living, I felt very comfortable typing on the K8 Pro — and in fact, have written many of my reviews over the past month or so using the keyboard."
"The Keychron K8 Pro may be a little pricey, but I find it to be worth the cash. It’s an excellent keyboard with a great typing experience, and a range of extra features that you often wouldn’t get from a mechanical keyboard. The ability to use the keyboard with a wireless connection, in particular, is helpful."