Keychron Keyboard Video Review - February 2024

Keychron Keyboard Video Review - February 2024

KeyChron Q5 Max Unboxing & Review of Mechanical Keyboard - by TK Bay

"This is a Knob Version 96% wireless mechanical keyboard, which means we have basically almost the entire keyboard that we typically know, including the number pad, keys, shortcuts at the top. It also has open support or open-source support for customization. And of course, it has built-in software that we're also able to pick up directly from Keychron’s website."

THIS KEYBOARD IS TH BENCHMARK! - Keychron Q1 MAX - by Gear Seekers

"Over the last few months I've been playing a lot of games and I've been testing out lots of new keyboards at both ends of the pricing spectrum. The Keychron Q1 Max is on the higher end of that spectrum and is the latest keyboard that I've had on my desk. It could also be the keyboard that stays on my desk."

10 PREMIUM Desk Gadgets I Use Every Day - by Work From Hype

"This is the Keychron Q2 Max, and it's one of the best pre-built mechanical keyboards I've tested. This thing just feels premium! It has an aluminum case and it weighs 3 and 1/2 lbs, so it's not sliding anywhere. It also has a very satisfying volume knob on the top right corner. And as for the typing experience, I went with the Gateron banana switches, and I love how they sound."

Beginner's Guide To Mechanical Keyboards - by Brad Colbow

"This is a 75% low-profile K3 Max keyboard. Oh my gosh, this feels perfect! It's so much better than a laptop keyboard. But it is easier for me to use coming from the Laptop World and jumping over to this thing. It just feels amazing!"

Unusual Desk & Tech Accessories I Didn’t Expect To Like 2024 - by Better Creating

"This board strikes the perfect balance for me between a compact smaller size on the desk while feeling solid. It has the keys and shortcuts that I need on my Mac, and most importantly, the typing experience with their new banana switches, I think, punches way above the price point."

DAY IN THE LIFE | gym, setup upgrades, starting a company - by  Luke Made It

"It's the Keychron Q1 Pro, the wireless version, and I had to go wireless because wires just make me so mad when they're on the tabletop. I need a clean space when I'm working here. Right now, I just got the stock version with the brown switches, but you can do crazy customizations and stuff for it."

Need A Keyboard? Buy This | The Keychron V2 Max - by Britec09

"This keyboard is a 65% layout and offers a gasket mount design, sound-absorbing foam and
double-shot PBT keycaps on here, so it's a pretty nice looking keyboard. The keyboard supports MacOS, Windows, Linux and Android as well."

Keychron V6 review (Gateron Melodic) - by Chyrosran22

"Overall, I'd say this is actually pretty good, unless you have a very specific switch in mind that you want to try out first. I just go with the assembled version; it's only $15 more, and that's not a lot for a full-size board's worth of switches and a nice keycap set like this. Afterward, you can get some other switches and mix it up a little bit, maybe swap to something else. Definitely a good board!"