Keychron Keyboard Video Review — January 2021

Keychron Keyboard Video Review — January 2021

This can do it ALL!!!!—by ShortCircuit Jan 27, 2021

"I really do like the 100-key layout though, because it's fairly compact, but you've still got all your F keys. All your media keys up here. You've got a full numpad. You've got the arrow keys in their regular configuration. And one of the things that they improved since last time is the position of the Del key. I use this a lot"

An Awesome Wireless Mechanical Keyboard! - Keychron K4 V2 Review—by psivewri Jan 30, 2021

"I must say I'm glad that the keyboard also feels very premium and also looks really great the aluminium frame around the outside adds a lot of weight and it feels like a really substantial product."

 Best Keyboards for Programming 2021—by Mayuko Feb 2, 2021

"The other thing that I like that I alluded to in my previous video is the keycap set I got the retro mac layout one and it just so cute. The colors are really clean it looks great on my desk."

Finally, It's Here: Keychron K3 Review [New Hot-Swappable LP Optical Switches]—by switch and click Jan 13, 2021

"With the low profile nature of this board your wrist barely has to go into any extension for typing. It is also pretty comfortable you can hover just a little bit or you can rest your wrist on the table."

The Perfect Minimalistic Mechanical Keyboard for iPad Pro: Keychron K3... —by Average Tech Guy Jan 21, 2021