Keychron Keyboard Video Review - June 2024

Keychron Keyboard Video Review - June 2024

Keychron Q1 HE review (Gateron HE Nebula) - by Chyrosran22

"Today we look at yet another Keychron; their first Hall Effect model, no less! Q meets HE switches, we should be in for a treat!"

My search for the perfect gaming keyboard (w/ rapid trigger) - by techless

"Can anyone beat Wooting? I tested 5 of the most promising hall effect keyboards to find the best."

The New osu! Skin Contest Is Unbelievable... - by KoiFishu

''Played osu! on the Keychron Q1 HE"

My New Favorite Mechanical Keyboard! - by Mark Spurrell

"The Keychron Q1 Max is easily my new favorite mechanical keyboard. It almost puts my $700 custom built keyboard to shame for way less money."


Top 5 Budget Gaming Mechanical Keyboards for Beginners - by Consumer Tech Review

"The C3 Pro, for this price point, has full hot-swappable ability. So, even though it's a very budget keyboard, you can grow with this keyboard and genuinely keep it for a few years. If you get more into keyboard modding, you can make this thing sound like a full custom."

2024 INCREDIBLY USEFUL iPad Accessories!!! - by Tech Gear Talk

"This year I've been playing around with the Q4 Pro. This keyboard is extremely sturdy and definitely on the smaller side, making it great for smaller spaces."

Steam Deck Tips, Fixes, and Accessories Updated 2024 - by NerdNest

"My favorite keyboard right now is the Keychron Q1 HE, which is this monster right here. This thing is fantastic and heavy as hell. You probably notice that down here, I've got buttons corresponding to the Mac. It also comes with Windows buttons so that you can flip and swap those out if you want. If you're going to be on your Steam Deck using desktop mode for any length of time, then my recommendation is to get a real keyboard like this one."


PC Gaming is ON FIRE! - by NerdNest

"I never use a keyboard that doesn't have a number pad, and I am loving this keyboard(Q1 HE) because it's just so heavy. It's all metal all the way through, it weighs around 10 lbs. You put it on your desk, and it never moves - I absolutely love the way it looks. It's off right now because I need my other keyboard in front of me, my MacBook in front of me, but I just wanted to say that if you are looking for a keyboard, this thing is really cool."

Cozy Living Room Makeover | +New Desk Setup REVEAL - by Mattia Di Lisio

"New Desk Setup REVEAL(Q5 Max Full-Size Keyboard Showcase)"

This Keyboard is Acoustic... - by Pinchify

Check out this mouse before you buy a Logitech super light pro! - by Ty Cottle