Keychron keyboards Article Review- October 2020

Keychron keyboards Article Review- October 2020

Finally, an Affordable Wireless Mechanical Keyboard for Mac — — by Victoria Song @Gizmodo         October 20, 2020


The Keychron K2 Version 2 is a compact, 75% tenkeyless keyboard with 84 keys. The keycaps have a height of 30mm in the front, and 41mm in the rear. You can use it wired or with Bluetooth, and by default, it comes with a Mac layout and Mac-specific media controls. 

One thing that I really appreciate is, as you’d expect, the layout. I no longer have to readjust every time I switch from typing on my laptop to typing on the keyboard. It sounds like a small thing, but it makes a difference—especially since I fucking hate the TouchBar and the Houdini act it does on function keys.


Everyone Hates My Mechanical Keyboard, But You’re Going to Want One Too — — by James Lynch @NewYorkMagazine      October 23, 2020


Even though the keyboards are decidedly old-fashioned-looking, they have similar modern features as membrane keyboards, like bluetooth connectivity for up to three devices. To switch from my iPad to my laptop is as easy as pushing two buttons. You can also configure the keys in whatever way you want. 

As a writer, my job involves a lot of typing, and I feel like I finally have the right tool for that job. Although I’m now as big of a mechanical keyboard enthusiast as the people who converted me, there is one major difference: I close my door so I don’t distract my roommates. Who knows what I’ll do when I actually have to go back to an office.

Review: The Keychron K2v2 is a good upgrade to an already near-perfect keyboard — — by Wesley Hilliard  @appleinsider       1 month ago

The Keychron K2 version 2 is the same mechanical keyboard you love with some new upgrades, including better connectivity and ergonomics.

The Keychron K2 version 2 is the perfect keyboard for first-time mechanical keyboard buyers. The compact design is great for portability and doesn't crowd the desk.


While many Apple users just stick with Apple's Magic Keyboard, I much prefer a mechanical keyboard any day. I absolutely just love a loud keyboard, where I can hear every keystroke — clickity clack! The Keychron K2 V2 is the best mechanical keyboard that I've used so far, and it's a great introduction to the world of mechanical boards.

One of the best things about the Keychron K2 V2 is the fact that it works with Bluetooth, with up to three devices. So you can use it with your computer, iPad, iPhone, or whatever else. 



Keychron has just unveiled a brand new keyboard. The K3 is the world’s first hot-swappable low-profile optical keyboard and features a design that is 75-percent the size of traditional builds.

The K3 is also made with an aluminum exterior and has switches that are 40-percent slimmer than conventional switches, but with all the tactile response.