Keychron keyboards Video Review - September 2020

Keychron keyboards Video Review - September 2020

The Keychron K2 Just Got Better!—— by iDB   Aug 24, 2020


"This is a great option for using with your ipad with your mac or even on a windows computer but especially for mac and ipad and even iphone. This is a really really solid option that again I'm a huge fan of."





Low-profile stealth Mechanical Keyboard (Keychron K1 V4 2020 Review)——by TechLead Show   Aug 31, 2020


"Actually I found I've been really quite pleasantly surprised with this keyboard because all of the keys function the setup is super easy there's no software to install and it easily supports mac and windows."



Keychron K2v2 Review: More Comfortable Than Ever (UPDATED 2020)——by Switch and Click   Sep 15, 2020


"The K2v2 definitely feels much more comfortable to use and type on. It connects quickly to my PC, and it also connects up to three devices with Bluetooth."




 Keychron K2 Ver 2.0 Review 2020 Edition...——by Average Tech Guy   Aug 12, 2020 


"This keyboard has a windows layout as well as a mac layout so you have tons of functionality no matter which device or operating system that you are using you can take advantage of shortcuts on both devices. You can take full advantage of the function row on both devices. Everything works seamlessly and this is a great upgrade if you have a K2."





Review: Keychron K2 (version 2)——by 9to5mac   Aug 31, 2020


"This is not just a great keyboard option, it is one of the best Mac accessories that you can buy today."