Keychron Q1 Keyboard Video Review — September 2021

Keychron Q1 Keyboard Video Review — September 2021

Customizing & Testing a Keychron Q1 Mechanical Keyboard - by LGR Blerbs

“Thanks to them for sending this over and yeah it's a cool keyboard. And I like it."

Keychron Q1Ultimate Modding Tutorial - Get the MOST out of your Q1 - by Keybored

"In this tutorial, I want to explain the process to create the most balanced Q1, which preserves all the flexible feel of the Q1 and also improving the sound and reducing the ping."

I Bought A Keychron Q1... - by Lewis Toh

“Took a look at the Keychron Q1 and I gotta say, I love it, the quality feels extremely premium and the typing experience is amazing."

Keychron Q1 75% Mechanical Keyboard Review ~ GMMK PRO Killer? - by minimalistik 

"The fact that you can get it through gasket mount full aluminum keyboard with a 75 layout for around 150 dollars to me sounds like a really solid deal."

 My FAVORITE Keyboard! (ipad&Mac) - by DailyTekk

"I've covered lots of iPad and Mac keyboards here on the channel but I can honestly say I've never been quite so excited about any of them as I am about the Keychron K7."