Keychron Q1/Q1 Pro Acoustic Upgrade Kit

Keychron Q1/Q1 Pro Acoustic Upgrade Kit


Are you a proud owner of the Keychron Q1 or Q1 Pro mechanical keyboard? If so, you already know the joy of typing on a premium-grade keyboard. But what if we told you that you could take your typing experience to the next level with a simple upgrade?

Introducing the Keychron Q1/Q1 Pro Acoustic Upgrade Kit – your ticket to a quieter, more satisfying typing experience. Crafted with precision and designed to complement the superior build quality of your Keychron keyboard, this upgrade kit is a game-changer for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

What's Inside the Upgrade Kit?

The Keychron Q1/Q1 Pro Acoustic Upgrade Kit is meticulously engineered to enhance the acoustics of your keyboard while minimizing unwanted noise and resonance. Here's what you'll find inside the kit:

  1. Sound-Absorbing Foam: Say goodbye to the hollow sound of keystrokes. The included sound-absorbing foam effectively dampens noise, resulting in a quieter and more pleasant typing experience.

  2. PE Foam: By applying the PE foam on the keyboard PCB, you'll further reduce noise and vibration, ensuring that each keystroke feels smooth and satisfying.

  3. Bottom Frame Acoustic Foam: Complete your keyboard upgrade with the bottom frame acoustic foam, which minimizes resonance and enhances the overall sound quality of your Keychron Q1/Q1 Pro.

How to Install the Upgrade Kit?

While the installation process may seem daunting at first, rest assured that it's well worth the effort. Follow these simple steps to transform your Keychron keyboard:

  1. Disassemble the Keyboard: Refer to the disassembling guide provided by Keychron for your specific model (Q1 or Q1 Pro).

  2. Apply the PE Foam: Carefully apply the PE foam on the keyboard PCB, ensuring proper alignment and coverage.

  3. Place the Sound Absorbing Foam: Insert the sound-absorbing foam between the plate and the PCB to effectively dampen noise and vibration.

  4. Install the Acoustic Foam: Finally, place the bottom frame acoustic foam in the designated area to further enhance the keyboard's acoustics.

Experience Typing Nirvana

Once you've completed the installation, sit back and marvel at the transformation of your Keychron Q1/Q1 Pro keyboard. With reduced noise, improved acoustics, and a more satisfying typing experience, you'll wonder how you ever lived without the Acoustic Upgrade Kit.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to optimize your keyboard – order the Keychron Q1/Q1 Pro Acoustic Upgrade Kit today and elevate your typing experience to new heights!