Keychron Keyboard Article Review - May 2024

Keychron Keyboard Article Review - May 2024
"Unlike traditional mechanical keyboards that have switches that are triggered at a fixed depth, the Hall Effect Gateron 2.0 magnetic switches used in the Q1 HE have actuation points that can be set and varied using software. This flexibility enables users to individually program how each or all the keys behave and each key can have four assigned actions depending on how far the keys are pressed."
"Keychron has made quite a name for itself over the last couple of years, producing incredibly customizable mechanical keyboards that are built to last. Whether you want a compact 60% keyboard for gaming or an ergonomic keyboard that will keep your hands and wrists comfortable throughout the whole workday, Keychron has a keyboard for you."
"If you want to spend more for a keyboard with a higher-quality aluminum case, get the Keychron Q1 Max or Keychron Q2 Max. Our upgrade picks feel great to type on and have a ton of extra features: They can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or USB dongle, they’re fully programmable in VIA, and they have RGB backlighting, hot-swappable switches, and a rotary knob."
"Such broad support is really due to the open-source software that Keychron is using. It uses QMK firmware, which Keychron provides, but you’re free to flash your own firmware as well. QMK is an open-source project, and it gives you a ton of flexibility if you’re willing to get your hands dirty."
"Keychron Q1 HE offers a near-perfect typing experience with magnetic switches for customization and quiet operation."
"Exceptional build quality and sound dampening make typing smooth and quiet, ideal for typists and gamers."
"The Keychron V1 gives you everything you want from a mechanical keyboard: a solid, durable build, an outstanding typing experience and sound, hot-swapability and easy-to-use companion software. All this for sub-$100 makes the V1 unbeatable for the price, and it’s the ideal keyboard for office use and for those who want to get into keyboard modding."
"The Keychron M3 mini 4K Metal Edition is an all-around excellent gaming mouse that boasts outstanding performance, a robust lightweight chassis and all the connectivity options you’d ever need."
 "Testing the Keychron M4 4K for a week, I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the mouse is with a laptop. Keychron didn't stick with Bluetooth for the M4 4K. There's also a 2.4GHz wireless receiver, which allows the mouse to hit a 4,000 Hz polling rate."
"The Keychron K2 Version 2 is a versatile wireless mechanical keyboard that can connect via Bluetooth 5.1 or a USB Type-C cable, supporting easy switching between up to three devices. It's designed for various operating systems, including macOS, Windows, and iOS, making it highly adaptable for different work settings."
"Admittedly, I was sceptical when the Lemokey P1 Pro was first announced, given that Keychron is essentially competing with themselves. However, the P1 Pro is a fantastic keyboard that acts as a slightly more affordable alternative to Keychron’s other options and doesn’t sacrifice much in the way of features with a useful price cut."