Keychron Keyboard Video Review - May 2024

Keychron Keyboard Video Review - May 2024

Unique Tech and Gear from Amazon - by Oliur / UltraLinx

"I recently built a new gaming setup. I needed a keyboard for that setup while waiting for more premium keyboards to be available. So, I just needed something budget-friendly. This keyboard (K3 Pro) ticks many boxes for me. I didn't want something with a typical "gamery" look; it had to be clean and minimal." 

FINALLY, a real Wooting competitor? - by  DiamondLobby Reviews

"A new challenger to the most popular gaming keyboard, the Wooting 60HE, is here! Can the Keychron Q1 HE succeed where many other copies have failed? With Keychrons track record of making incredibly high quality keyboards, there's potential for them to knock the 60HE off the top spot."

Keychron Q1 HE Review | 75% Hall Effect Keyboard - by Jaeky

"The rapid trigger on this keyboard is very solid. There's really nothing to complain about; it performs just as I would expect. I can't tell the difference between my Wooting and the Q1 HE, just like swapping between them for an AB test. There's really no difference between the two in terms of responsiveness."


The Best Keyboard for Developers With a Major Flaw - by ArjanCodes

"In this video, I’ll find out if the Keychron Q5 Max is the best keyboard for developers. I’ll talk about all its features, and how it differs from other keyboards."

10 Home Office Desk Accessories You NEED to See - by Josh Fenn

"Keychron Q12 Max keyboard - This is a 96% size keyboard, so you have a full number pad. But if you notice something a little bit different - this is a southpaw design. You have the full number pad on the left-hand side. I have never experienced or seen a left-handed keyboard before." 

Budget-Friendly M1 MacBook Pro Desk Makeover - by 9to5Mac

"(Lemokey P1 Pro) This is extremely high quality and extremely well-made. It has everything that you would need in the box, from the keycaps to alternative keycaps to keycap tools. It is relatively heavy, so you know that it's made out of good aluminum and good materials. So if you guys need a mechanical keyboard that fits this aesthetic or any mechanical keyboard for that matter - Keychron is going to be the way to go." 


I Tried The BEST Budget Keyboards On Amazon... (So You Don't Have To) - by Hipyo Tech

"The next keyboard is really interesting because it's been made by Keychron. It comes in at just $36. Keychron makes some of my favorite good enough custom keyboards, so I'm pretty intrigued here."


まさに王道進化!2.4GHz無線、アコースティックフォームそしてPBTダブルショットキーキャップ Keychron K3 Max ロープロファイルメカニカルキーボード - by  やまかふぇ yamacafe



The BEST Silent Keyboard Switches - by DanKamYouKnow